PT. Nasindo Sejahtera Gemilang

We provide die cutting mold for various industries.

Leading The Die Cut Mold Industry with Flat and Rotary Die Cut Molds.

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About Us

  • Established in 2012
  • Started Operation: 05/2012
  • Factory Area Combined: 1450 m2, and 720m2 in East Java
  • Total Manpower: More than 30 technical staff working shifts
  • Installed Production Capacity: 1000 Mold/ Month


Delivering innovative solutions to make our customers sustainable.


Assist our customers continuously to: 
Increase efficiency
Increase quality
Reduce waste

What we offer

We have different die cut ties, and different mold sets available along with any other materials or accessories that you may need.

Current Machines Installed:

  • GERMAN Laser Diecut as main unit
  • Sample Maker Unit
  • Two Laser Machine
  • Two Router Machine
  • Auto Creasing Machine
  • Four Autobend and Cutting Machine
  • Six Manual Bend Unit with Japan Tsukatani as main unit

Please read more about our products below.

Die Cut Ties for

Materials and Accessories

  1. Flat Wood
  2. Rotary Wood
  3. Cutting Rules
  4. Creasing Rules
  5. Perforating Rules

6. Ejection Rubber
7. Slot Rubber
8. Punches & Spring Punches
9. Ebonit/ Pertinax
10. Tools, Bending Machine, Cutting Machine, etc.

Other Information

We are ready…

To deliver the cutting mold of die cutting solution to you with our 9+ consecutive years of experience.

For you to enjoy a Gemilang die cutting experience with continuous innovation, improvement and customer centric services.

To offer a quick, easy, and helpful after-sales care for you.

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Komplek Pergudangan Sentra Bitung Blok B no. 11, Ds. Kadu, Kec. Curug, Tangerang 15810, Banten – Indonesia

Jawa Timur
Komplek Pergudangan Legundi Business Park blok G8-G9 Jl. Raya Karang Andong no. 58, Banjaran Driyorejo Kab. Gersik, Jawa Timur 61177

Contact Details

Email :,
Telephone: (+62) 21 2951 4160
Fax: (+62) 21 2951 4162

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